Filip Ćwik

Filip Ćwik’s work developed from classical reportage through subjective statements, and evolved towards the auteur photographic essay. He presently makes his own projects, often going beyond the definition of the documentary, frequently focusing on the portrait. He runs his own portrait studio and gallery, 810 studio, in Warsaw. A graduate in cultural studies from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, he co-founded the Napo Images agency and the Napo Foundation. In 2010–2013 he taught at the University of Warsaw. He has received many prestigious awards in Poland and abroad, including the World Press Photo 2011.

Ćwik’s works concentrate on all aspects of the human condition and existence. He is interested in direct responses, shows of extreme behaviour and harrowing experiences. In 2012 he received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

“Assuming the role of curator, I will be on the lookout for unconventional viewing experiences, and for attempts at transcending the pure photographic image. I always dwell longer on formal distortions, ambiguities, and imperfections. I am interested in the path taken, though not necessarily in the path’s destination itself. I am looking for mindfulness, wisdom, and difference. It is the portrait that appeals most to my perception on every level, and it is in this space that I concentrate.”

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