DOCKING STATION, Stories need to be told

Docking Station is a photography platform in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) that helps international photographers in the development of their visual stories. We believe that our view of the world is determined, influenced, interpreted, supported, contradicted and stimulated by so-called visual storytellers. These modern troubadours remark, capture and explain the world. That these visual stories often do not reach us, is because the storytellers need help to develop their stories. As a result, many valuable visual stories continue collecting dust, or worse, are forgotten. Docking Station offers these storytellers time, a location to stay and work and connects them to a network of experts so that they are able to bring their stories forward and reach a new and diverse audience. Each month an international photographer is invited to come to Amsterdam and stay in our small sustainable hub, where he or she works and sleeps for three weeks. They are brought into contact with experts from our creative network, which will help them to develop their socially engaged story.

Docking Station collaborates this year with Krakow Photomonth. Photographer Eline Benjaminsen is a Docker at Docking Station and in the first week of the festival, Benjaminsen will be present in Krakow to show her work (Szara Kamienica Gallery), to meet experts in the field and in this way develop her work further. As collaborating always works both ways, Docking Station is part of the portfolio review and will offer the Docking Station Residency Award respectively to the artist of their choice. The selected photographer has to pau for his own travel costs and his food while in Amsterdam. There is no further payment involved but all our Dockers donate one work for our Docking Station collection. More info: