Book presentation (PL)

Zuza Krajewska, Magda Buczek, Emilia Obrzut 

8.06 (Friday), 18.00
Festival Centre(Tytano)

Meeting participants: Zuza Krajewska, Magda Buczek, Emilia Obrzut


photos by Zuza Krajewska
booklet created and designed by Magda Buczek and Emilia Obrzut


SURPLUS lies at the intersection of fashion, visual arts, and activism. SURPLUS takes its cue from overproduction—from the fashion industry and its oversupply of needs and products to the excess of ideas, texts, and discourses in art. The project relates to the fashion of the 1980s and ‘90s, when statement T-shirts were often seen as a personal declaration. Wearing one in the public space was an act that suggested a genuine political gesture.

Visual artist Magda Buczek reuses texts from previous projects and art research and prints them on recycled clothes. They are a product of excess in the fashion industry and art production.
Surplus creates a new meaning and can be consumed again.

What was URL is IRL.

What was private is now exposed.

What was labelled is unnamed.


WTF… is the first publication on the subject. This is a series of portraits, juxtaposed with texts printed on the clothing of the portrayed. The protagonists of the series mostly live in Poland and are found among artists, activists and common workers that confront their lives with symbolic or material overproduction. They form a unique narration, printed on a used garment, animated by their body warmth and movement, so they can all become an exhibition screen. Performers and agents of visual poetry in public space.

The publication is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute operating under the brand and is part of its programme promoting Polish design worldwide.


Zuza Krajewska is one of the most renowned Polish contemporary photographers. She is known for her fashion editorials, but also for a sharp eye for social changes and groups excluded from the scope of modern society. Author of the iconic series Traces and Imago.

Magda Buczek is a Warsaw-based multidisciplinary artist. Her projects often involve texts and tell multilayered stories about offline and online realities. Her works have beenexhibited, among others, in Berlin, London, New York and Mexico City, Warsaw, and Krakow.

Emilia Obrzut is a graphic and UX designer, focusing on sustainable modes of production. Also an accidental entrepreneur, start-upper and a lecturer of interface design. An artistic collaborator of Magda Buczek in the field of art publications.