Book presentation (PL)

Photography and Madness, Tomasz Ferenc

2.06 (Saturday), 15.30
Festival Centre (Tytano)
Participants: Tomasz Ferenc, Marek Szyryk, Anna M. Zarychta


This book is a collection of articles on madness in photography. The authors describe efforts to portray madness in the nineteenth century, and photography’s role in the closure of psychiatric institutes in Italy. They also attempt to describe the creative process in a mental crisis, and the impact of psychoactive substances on art. The volume also includes various photographic curiosities, such as the selfie, which is exceedingly popular at present.

Tomasz Ferenc is a sociologist, an employee at the Chair of the Sociology of Art and Education at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Łódź. His main spheres of interest are the sociology of art, visual anthropology and the sociology of migration processes.