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Selfie… In the Context of Contemporary Culture and Photography

Agnieszka Szuścik
17.06 (Sunday), 10.00–15.00
Academy of Photography


The workshops Selfie… In the Context of Contemporary Culture and Photography is a peculiar project combining research and photography whose central objective is to look at photography against the backdrop of contemporary culture, which is dominated by the social media and the fact that – in the smartphone era – everyone always has a camera on them. The workshops will start with discussing cybernetisation and consumerism, will address the topic of technological determinism, that is the condition of humanity in an era of rapid technological development, will discuss the topic of blog, Instagram and Facebook photographs, and finally, will look at selfie as the most recent genre of photography. At the end of the workshop – which combines theory with practice – each participant will be asked to take two photos, which will be then analysed jointly by the group, who will try to define the line between…, well, self-portrait and selfie? Humanity and transhumanism? The history of world and its present? Photography and photographing? We wish to invite anyone who has ever wondered what has become of photography since it dominated the social media.


The number of places is limited (20 persons). Applications are accepted until 31.05 at: Please include in your email message one sentence describing “how the popularisation of the Internet has influenced photography”. By 4 June 2018, selected persons will receive a reply with an invitation to the workshop.

Aga Szuścik – visual artist whose art and research focus on technological determinism and futurology. Doctoral student and graduate in film, television and photography production from Łódź Film School, graduate in social communication at the Faculty of Polish Philology of the University of Silesia. Lecturer at the Academy of Photography, she teaches Film Making Courses to the Polish Armed Forces.