Anaïs López live performance

Anaïs López live performance

26.05 (Saturday), 15.30
27.05 (Sunday), 14.30

Festival Centre (Tytano)


In a live performance—and with a monumental book as the centrepiece—Anais Lopez takes her audience on an incredible journey. She tells a story about a little black bird with yellow legs, a wild crest, and a sharp cry. Everybody in Singapore knows the JavanMyna, and everybody hates it.


The Migrant is the remarkable life story of a bird, a story about how we treat animals, about the feasibility of the perfect city, and about our efforts to create a perfect society. At the same time, it is a metaphor for our attitude towards the “migrant”.


Anais López uses a book to tell this story. And it is not just any regular book: it’s an object of art, with silk screen prints in a monumental A3 format, containing illustrations and popups. The book was designed by the acclaimed graphic designer Teun van der Heijden and is illustrated by the renowned Singaporean cartoonist Sonny Liew.