Laura Ociepa, Escapade

Curator: Karol Hordziej


Escapade consists of seven independent GIFs that portray members of the “spiritual underground”. This term was coined for the purpose of the project, as its participants operate outside mainstream culture while broadening their esoteric knowledge. The gestures they perform in the GIFs are meant to deconstruct the energy of their surroundings and remould it. In the eclectic universe of GIFs, everything seems to be possible. Tai chi martial art can be performed among stuffed animals, just as yoga, while promising longevity, can enhance a space full of the attributes of a fight. In the space of GIFs, their movement is looped indefinitely. Regardless of the place of their reenactment, their gestures last indefinitely and engage us in a trance, creating a new ritual for shaping the surrounding environment.


Laura Ociepa (1995, Częstochowa)

A young visual artist employing a broad range of media in her work, including photography, video, and performance. She is currently enrolled at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and has also studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Participated in a number of exhibitions and group projects, including Ivy Snowstalkers of Ancient Apron, DEBUTS, and Młode Wilki. Her works have been published in a number of magazines in Poland and abroad. She enjoys presenting her art in places lacking a rigid, institutional character, a practice which has resulted in solo exhibitions at a cultural centre, a bar, and a community garden cabin. She is an initiator and curator of Hansacall exhibition, slated to take place in the virtual version of Berlin’s Hansaplatz. Her most recent solo show took place at Galleri Snerk in Tromsø- one of the very few galleries above the Arctic Circle.