ShowOFF winners’ works as part of the SLAVICA exhibition

Winners of previous years’ ShowOFF Sections have once again arrived in Krakow! This time, you can see their works being a part of the SLAVICA exhibitionin the Galeria Szara Kamienica until 22 April.

Among the artists, whose works are presented at the exhibition curated by Katarzyna Oczkowska, we
can see the project by Irenka Kalicka: It’s Hard to Slay the Dragon, But You Must Try and also the
project titled Potopia by Kacper Szalecki.

SLAVICA, as it is described in the curatorial statement, is an activity which is happy and immensely
sad at the same time. It is about developing a new approach to the Slavic culture, which is appearing
not to be very different from its basic idea. The concept of being a Slav is transforming, becoming a
fetish in a strange and dreadful way. It is present on the Internet, TV and radio news and press. It is
being a Slav with a capital “S” – adoring the earth, fighting with stranger tribes, making sacrifices.
Join the curatorial tour of the exhibition on 21 April!

Artists: Tomasz Armada, Irena Kalicka, Marta Sala, Siksa, Justyna Stasiowska i Kacper Szalecki
Curator: Katarzona Oczkowska

Szara Kamienica Gallery
Rynek Główny 6

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