“Subterranean River” by Łukasz Rusznica to a good start of the festival

When traveling to Japan, I knew one thing only — I wanted to take pictures based on Japanese mythology; I wanted to photograph the Yokai — the monsters of legend. Photography came as the result of working in new surroundings; it was the end process of meeting people and building relationships — this is surely why so many of the pictures (and the intimate ones in particular) are of my friends or the people who trusted me — of humane people.

Don’t miss the premiere of the book by Łukasz Rusznica, Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2017 prize winner. It will take place on Friday, 25 May at 4:00 pm at the Festival Centre in Tytano (ul. Dolnych Młynów 10). The book presentation will take place on Sunday, 27 May at 3:00 pm. The meeting will be led by Martyna Nowicka.

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