Jenny Nordquist

Jenny Nordquist is artistic director for Landskrona Foto Festival in Sweden, an annual contemporary art photography festival. Since its start five years ago, it has established its position as an international meeting place for photographers and those with an interest in photography. Renowned artists are exhibited alongside new, promising names, and many of the pictures on display have never been shown in Sweden or Scandinavia before.

Jenny is also head of a photography department at Östra Grevie Folk High School in Sweden, an artist, and a lecturer in photography and critical studies. From 2011 to 2016 she ran a gallery space for art photography in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds an MA in Image and Communication from Goldsmith University of London and a BA in Photography from London College of Communications.

“I expect the submitted projects to be based on strong concepts that are well researched and presented with a clear visual language. I also like to be surprised by artists who find new ways of pushing the limits of photography both aesthetically and conceptually. Lastly, I am also interested to see experimentation and innovation, but always with a strong and clear connection back to the story that is being told.”

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