Mark Curran, THE MARKET (2010–ongoing)


In the evolutionary aftermath of the global economic collapse and absence of sustained audiovisual engagement with the central locus of this catastrophic event, the ongoing multi-sited project THE MARKET critically addresses the functioning and condition of global markets and financial capital.

Curran aims to position the global financial market as a pervasive force central to our lives by taking the financial sphere out of its abstraction. Recurring themes include algorithmic machinery of financial markets, seen as the central innovator of this technology, as well as absorption of crises as the normalisation of deviance, and the long-range mapping and consequences of financial activity distanced from citizens and everyday life.

This is the continuation of a cycle of long-term projects, started by Curran in the late 1990s and focusing on the predatory context resulting from migrations of global capital. Having undertaken an extensive process of negotiation, averaging 1.5-2 years, to access strategic global sites and/or individuals in London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Addis Abeba, he has produced an ethnographically informed multimedia project incorporating photographs, film, soundscape, artefactual material, 3D data visualisation, and transcripts of recorded testimony in its entirety.


Mark Curran is an artist researcher living & working in Berlin & Dublin. He holds a practice-led PhD and is Lecturer & Programme Chair, BA (Hons) Photography, Institute of Art, Design & Technology (IADT), Dublin and Visiting Professor, MA in Visual & Media Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin. Incorporating multi-media installation informed by ethnography, since the late 1990s he has undertaken a cycle of four long-term research projects, critically addressing the predatory context resulting from flows of global capital. These have been extensively published and exhibited. His most recent installations include Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, France (2014), Noorderlicht, Netherlands (2015), Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto, Canada (2016), Museum of Capitalism, Oakland, USA (2017), and Galerie Le Bleu du Ciel, Lyon, France (2017). A full publication of THE MARKET is planned.

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