Workshops (PL)

Photo-editing workshops—material selection, narration sets, presentation
Basia Budniak

31.05–1.06 (Thursday–Friday), 11.00–17:00
Foundation for Visual Arts


These two-day workshops are targeted at people who are concluding work on a project, are prepping material for publication (on the Internet, in print, at an exhibition etc.) and stand before an important decision: the selection of material and the right choice of photographs in terms of presentation format.

At these workshops we will be exploring various selection methods, searching for that je ne sais quois in a photograph that joins the material, depending on its character, style and form. We will be training our eye to read a photograph. We will be examining where and how a narrative is built in a series of photographs, and to what extent a photograph can speak without words, and when those words are needed.


Every participant will be working on his/her own material, initially selected as thumbnails (max. 30 photographs, 10×15 cm) and jpg files (not exceeding 1 MB).


Number of participants: 10

Fee: 150 PLN per person


Basia Budniak is a photographer. She studied Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University and photography at the University of Arts in Poznań. She works and lives in Krakow. In her works, she tends to use traditional photographic techniques, focusing on the performative nature of the photographic image, its use and functioning. Her main interest is in portraiture.